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(I work at a relatively popular movie theater. Our condiment station is on our concessions stand, so the guest frequently try to talk to us while we are working register. I was working concessions on a Friday night, one of our busiest days. It was very busy with a line that was filling our lobby. Even our managers were back there helping. I was helping a customer and I walked away to get a hot dog for them, when this guest called me over to the condiment area)

Guest: Excuse me. Excuse me!
Me: Yes ma’am?
Guest: There’s no mayonnaise.
Me: Oh, I’m sorry about that
Guest: Do you have any?
(I had already checked earlier and realized we were out, even in the back)
Me: No, I’m sorry, we’re out.
Guest: Do you have any in the back?
Me: No I’m sorry. We completely ran out earlier today.
Guest: How about this; do you have a manager?

(The lady ended up complaining about the dang mayonnaise so much that my manager had to go to our storage room and get a whole new box of mayonnaise. In the middle of a rush. I don’t doubt that she complained about me but my manager never said a thing. Some people.)

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