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(I go to my community center gym four or more times a week; it’s less than a mile from both my house and the store where I work, so I encounter a lot of the same people. I have two regular customers who are about fourteen and a bit obnoxious. The night before this encounter, one of them saw me in the locker room at the gym, where they both play basketball.)
Coworker: So that’s two large lattes, extra shot in each one, extra caramel and whipped cream?
(I start on the drinks when one of them catches my eye and stares.
Girl #1: Hi!
Me: Hello! How are you?
Girl #2: Omg, I saw you in your bra!!!
Girl #1: Yeah, she said you’re really skinny!
Girl #2: And sexy! You looked goooood!
Manager who is old enough to be my father: Um, I don’t…what did… oh god… (He’s beet red and sputtering, calling over his boss to ask what to do.)
Me, shooting a death glare at the girl as I hand off her drink: I go to the gym a lot. They go to the gym a lot. The gym has a locker room. Good?
Manager: Oh thank god.

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