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(I am a manager in a major retailer located inside a mall. It is 15 minutes after closing and I am running around trying to lock doors and kick all the customers out. One of the associates is talking to a customer.)

Associate: You can exit through the side door and walk into the mall to get around to your car.

Customer: This is ridiculous, you need to call a manager.

Me: I am a manager, what can I help you with?

Customer: I need someone to drive me to my car, this is ridiculous. I don’t have a coat and my shoulder is frozen I am not walking through the mall to my car.

Me: Ma’am, I’d be glad to unlock the mall door so you can exit directly into the mall.

Customer: No you need to have someone drive me to my car.

(As I am unable to leave the store, I call loss prevention and ask them to contact mall security to arrange for an escort, the customer is momentarily appeased. As I am walking her to the door she starts complaining, going as far as to say she was having a meltdown)

(We get to door and she refuses to leave until mall security arrives. Mall security arrives shortly)

Me: Hi, I’m [first name] and I was hoping you could escort our customer to her car.

Mall security: I can walk her to the door, but I am the only one in the mall and I am not allowed to leave.

Customer: (to me) I need your phone number in case I get lost. Your direct line. Not your store number. Your cell phone.

Me: Ma’am the store number is…

Customer: No I want YOUR CELL.

Me: It is not company policy to give out my personal information.

Customer: What’s your last name.

Me: [Last name]

(Customer gets out her phone and opens memos. Types in my first and last and requests mall security’s first and last. And then leaves)

I quickly lock the door, shaking my head and run.

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