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(My mom and I are in a clothing shop, picking out clothes for my new baby cousin. I am young, evidently from the age range of 10 to 13.)
Mom: Could you get that red dress for me? It’s on the shelf next to you.
Me: Yeah, sure!
(An older lady and a woman are next to me. The elderly lady speaks up)
Older Lady: Do you know where the ________ is?
Me: Uh…
(The lady waits for me to speak, and it’s a bit awkward.)
Lady: Oh, first, do you work here?
(I am obviously relieved of speaking, and I smile regretfully)
Me: No, I’m so sorry! I wish I could help!
(The lady was very polite about the situation and continued with her search, and I hope she found what she was looking for!)

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