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I used to work in a mall food court. At that time we were including either Hot Wheels cars or Barbie dolls in the kids’ meals. This little girl came up to the counter, tears streaming down her face. I asked her what was wrong, thinking she might have gotten lost. She said “My daddy says I cannot have this Barbie because she is black” as she held the unopened toy up, her hand visibly shaking. My heart broke for this poor little girl. I said “Oh, sweetie… I am so sorry. Let me get you a different doll” I traded her dolls and she went on her way back to the the table.

Soon after her father came storming back up to the counter with the doll in hand and dragging his daughter behind him. He then threw the doll down on the counter. “This thing was in the same box with that (racial slur) doll, wasn’t it? This one was tainted by that (racial slur) doll.” I tried to say I could give a car instead of a doll, but he snapped back with “We don’t want any toys from you (racial slur) lovers!” His poor daughter was trying her best not to completely loose it.

I am in complete shock as are all my co-workers and the nearby mall patrons. He then stormed off and this girl just looks over her shoulder at us … such pain and sorrow in her eyes.

This had to be close to twenty years ago, but it still haunts me that someone could be that racist and mean spirited.

Little girl, you are all grown up now. I wish I could have thought of something to say or something to do… some way to help you. I hope you managed to keep it together while living in that toxic environment. I hope you rose above all of it and have a good life now.

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