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(I work in a clothing store where the standard for bagging a customer’s items is to fold them and wrap them in tissue paper before bagging them. We’re specifically told not to spend too much time making the folding perfect, so most of us (myself included) don’t pay too much attention, as long as it looks somewhat nice and fits in the bag.
I’m ringing out a lady who, up to this point, has been perfectly pleasant. She’s buying two pairs of pants, so I quickly fold them and wrap them both in a single piece of tissue paper, as is standard. When I turn back around to print her receipt and hand her the bag, she mumbles something that I don’t quite catch.)

Me: *setting the bag on the counter to pass it to her* “I’m sorry what was that?”

Customer: *suddenly very snarky and condescending, saying each word slowly as if explaining something to a stupid child* “The way you folded them is the one way they wrinkle!”

(At this point, as I’m left speechless, she grabs the bag and takes out the two pairs of pants, unwraps them, and picks one up to start very slowly re-folding it.)

Customer: “Do you have a smaller bag?”

Me: *struggling to keep my chipper retail demeanor in place* “Certainly ma’am!”

(I hand her the next-smallest bag size we have, half-hoping it’ll be too small to fit both pairs of pants, just to spite her.)

Customer: *mumbles something as she’s crinkling the tissue paper, re-wrapping the first pair of pants*

Me: “Pardon?”

Customer: *again with the snarky tone* “Can I have another piece of tissue paper?”

Me: *cue internal screaming* “Sure, let me get that for you!”

(I handed her another piece of tissue paper so she could individually wrap her second pair of pants as well, and roll it up small enough to fit in the tiny bag she’d asked for, before she finally left.
I mean, I don’t know for sure – I’ve only unpacked a few hundred boxes of folded clothes at this point in my retail career – but wouldn’t you think that the more times you fold/roll a piece of clothing, the more wrinkles you put in it???)

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