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(A woman walks up to the counter while I’m making samples to put out to customers. I tend to zone out all noise when I’m in the middle of a task.)

Woman: Can I get some ice please?

Me: Sorry, what was that?

Woman: I said, give me some ice. (She holds out a cup to me)

Me: Alright not a problem.

(I fill up the cup to the top with ice and she mumbles something under her breathe)

Me: Here you are miss.

Woman: What are you deaf or something?

Me: Excuse me?

Woman: I said fill that with some water too.

Me: Sorry miss.

(I fill her cup with water as well and she takes it and starts to leave. Again muttering something under her breathe. She then turns around)

Woman: *Angrily* No, You’re Welcome? Kids these days. (She storms off)

My manager: Wow. She was a b****.