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There has been a lot of drama in Texas lately about which bathrooms trans people are allowed to use. However, my store’s policy has always been to allow people to use the restroom of the gender they identify as – but it’s never really been an issue as our store has only a single room for each gender. Due to the recent issues, corporate has sent out an official statement that employees can choose to recite if anyone tries to challenge our policy.

One day there’s a pathetic little attempt at a ‘protest’, three or four people outside the doors ranting about sin and corruption, and it has gotten to the point where they are harassing customers. The manager has called the police and we are waiting for them to show up and shoo the protesters away.

Meanwhile, another manager has just clocked out and is going outside to his car. One of the protesters gets in his face and demands to know his opinion on our bathroom policy. Not really wanting to engage them, he keeps walking as he recites our official statement.

“No no no no no,” the protester says, and tries to poke him in the chest. “I want to know what YOU, PERSONALLY think about this.”

He slaps their hand away, stops walking, looks them dead in the eye, and repeats word-for-word the official statement, finishing with “I, PERSONALLY, agree with that exact policy.”

The police show up to get rid of the protesters a few minutes later, but sadly the manager didn’t want to press charges.