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(I’m stocking in the back when the cashier frantically calls me up to help a customer find a router. My coworker doesn’t fluster easily, so I’m already gearing up for a difficult customer, but I’m hoping maybe I can disarm her with a good attitude.)

Me: (smiling, making eye contact, basically as friendly and charming as I can make my body language) Hi there! What can I help you find today?
Customer: (smiling back, leaning in, and practically snarling) Well, do you sell guns? Because I’m really, really furious with you all right now.

(Before I could even think about how to respond to something like that, my coworker managed to fill my in on the situation- she’d called and asked for an item to be put on hold, but the wrong model had been put aside for her. It took maybe five minutes, tops, for a manager to grab the right model from high ticket, the whole time with the customer ranting about how everyone in the store was incompetent and how angry she was.
I think it took me a good half hour to stop shaking after that. Call me oversensitive if you’d like- probably the customer was just joking- but I sure don’t see the humor in it.)

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