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A woman walks up to the counter of the office in which I work to sell us her car. My coworker is chatting with her while he gets the paperwork started when one of the sales managers comes back with a little boy about three or four years old.
Sales Manager: Excuse me, Ma’am, is this your son?
Customer: Oh, yes, is there a problem?
Sales Manager: No, but we found him sitting alone on the edge of our front lot. We were worried about his safety and I thought I remembered seeing you come in with him.
Customer: *clearly irritated even though she’s trying to hide it* He was supposed to stay with his dad. *to the son* What happened to Daddy?
Son: Daddy wanted to go look at the cars.
Customer: Thanks for bringing him to me. Sorry about that. *the Sales manager leaves and the customer turns back to us* My husband is toast when we get home.

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