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(I work in a popular drug store full time. I also have PTSD and an anxiety disorder, and one of the effects of this is that Im extremely touch averse: people touching me makes me extremely nervous, and if I cant see them before they touch me it often triggers a panic attack. This particular day I am building an endstand display with my back tutned to the center aisle of the store)

Customer- *comes up behind me and roughly grabs me by the shoulder* Hey, can you help me-

Me- *Immediately panics and jetks away from her, loosing my balance and falling backwards into thr display I was building*

(At this point, while I was on the floor trying not to have a full- blown anxiety attack, the woman starts laughing.)

Customer- “Awww, I scared you!” *Laughs*

Me- *Speechless*

(As luck would have it, it was me and my manager at the register when she comes up to pay.)

Customer- (to my manager) “You know, I scared her in the aisle. I thought she was gonna cry!” *laughs*

(My manager was livid and, thankfully I was allowed to go on my break after that…)