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(The store I work at is going out of business so everything is currently a final sale. We are under court order to not do any returns or exchanges or anything of the sort. It’s stated all over the store as well as on the receipt plus every cashier tells the customer before they make a purchase. On this day we had already dealt with a power outage before we started working and some technical issues once it was back. Before we open the doors many of us notice a woman standing with one of our bags. We know what’s going to happen and since I am the most senior employee at the cash I tell them I’ll handle it once she is inside. When we finally open the doors she comes right up to the side of the registers. My coworkers look over at me so I go to her.)

Customer: (Looking like she will cry at any moment) I got this coat yesterday but I’d tried on a medium and thought it was small. So I took a large and tried it. It fit but then I put it back and then grabbed it again but I guess I took XL by accident. I wanted to just exchange it for the right size, please.

Me: I’m sorry, but there’s absolutely no returns or exchanges or anything like that anymore.

Customer: (Still looks like she might cry but her eyes are clear) What? Can I talk to your manager? Maybe she could help.

Me: I’m sorry but these aren’t the managers orders. We are under court order and cannot do any returns or exchanges. It’s all over the store and we tell everyone for exactly that reason.

Customer: (completely changes her mood, she is now mad) Well that’s just great! You know what? I’ve been shopping here for YEARS and I will NEVER shop here again!

Me: Well we are going out of business so really it doesn’t matter.

(The customer then storms off. My coworker was still working on opening the doors when she walked out and told us after the customer was calling us all sorts of names and swearing at us. I thought it was funny, as did most of my coworkers.)