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(I work at an arcade/batting cages and we have a Play Park. Everyone who goes in the Play Park must purchase a wristband. We send staff to check periodically to make sure no one snuck in. I also run the Facebook page and I received this message.

Customer: *Screen shots review he took a couple days ago* Worst f****** experience ever!!!! Went there so my son can get some practice hitting. As he finished up, he wanted to play in the arcade and in the ball pit. Which was all fine and good. Well he was playing in the ball pit some teenagers who were playing in there at the same time but had no business being in there and was horse playing and hit him in the eye. No one apologize about it and they all scattered like roaches when the kitchen light came on. Then furthermore on that while we went in there playing with our kids (8 year old and almost 1 year old) we were told we have to leave cause we didn’t have wristbands and we weren’t suppose to be in there. I felt that my character was discriminated that night and believe me we will not and I repeat not be coming back!!!

Hi [Customer], I’m sorry you had a bad experience Sunday. I don’t know how the review evaded my sight as I usually see every one that appears. So than you for bringing it to my attention. However, while you are right that the teenagers had no business being in there; I honestly have to say you had no right to be in there since you did not purchase a wrist band to be in there. It wasn’t your character that was being discriminated against, we kick everyone out who have not purchases a wrist band.

Customer: That’s not the point. The point of the matter was that nothing was done about it until we got there and the people there was choosing sides because you believe what people tell you. It was basically black against white but we definitely are not coming back to that hellhole

Me: Okay maybe I’m not understanding what the problem here is. Did you tell our staff that there were teenagers rough housing in the Play Park and nothing was done? Or is it that you were kicked out of the Play Park because you did not purchase wristbands, or something else?

(The customer didn’t responds after that. But my favorite part is what other customers said on his review.)

Customer 1: Sounds like you should be more upset with the teenagers than the place…
Customer 2: Right. You’re giving this place a bad rating for other peoples actions and for the fact that you obviously missed the sign that clearly states you need a wristband to play in the ball pit area.
Customer 3: Good sports are not for weak minded cry babies
Customer 4: You should have stepped up as his father and said something to the teenagers, whenever my autistic son is in there, if other children’s parents are not enforcing their child to play according to the rules, with my son in the ball pit, I will not hesitate to politely tell the kids to calm down, play nice and remember not everyone is the same age, and you have to be cautious of the little ones, and have never had an issue with other parents getting angry or at all upset with me for going out of my way to ensure my son’s safety from kids that are playing too rough in the ball pit area, and yes, it clearly states on the entrance to the soft play area the price, that was your ignorance that had your son removed, not the employees of [Company] treating you any different from any other customer, perhaps you should pay more attention to small details clearly posted in locations you attend