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(I work at an arcade/batting cages but we also have a play park. It is $2.75 for kids to go in and it is posted multiple places, including the door to the play park. People often go in without paying for a wristband so we send staff in to check to see if anyone doesn’t have on. We happen to have an all white staff this day and the lady in the story is black..)

Boss: Hey, [Co-worker] can you go check wristbands?
Co-worker: Yeah, sure
(About 5 minutes later, a lady comes up to my boss who is out fixing a game)
Lady: I want to know why your worker came up to MY kids first instead of everyone else’s?
Boss: Well, your kids were the ones in the play park without wristbands.
Lady: Well, I have came here thousands of times and I have never paid before!
Boss: Oh, well then I guess you owe me $2750. You can come see me at the register when you want to square up.

(She cashed her tickets in and left. I haven’t seen her sine.)