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I work at a very well known big box store, manning a self-check station. For legal purposes, anyone carrying alcohol that appears under a certain age, must present ID. Without it, we are legally allowed to ask for identification and decline sales if the customer does not have it or refuses, both of whom happen a lot, and a lot of complaints are made over our “stupid” rules. One evening, a couple come through my line. The man is carrying a 12 pack of beer while the woman is pushing a shopping cart.

Me: Sir, may I see some identification?

Man: I don’t have it on me. Besides, it’s not for me, but it’s for my wife.

Me: That may be but the law states because you’re holding it, I must see your ID.

Woman: (to man) I told you to bring it in. (to me) you can just ID me. He’s buying it for me.

Me: Again, I understand ma’am but because you are with him, he must show his ID and I cannot allow you to purchase it without it.

Woman: But it’s for me. I mean, I’m just a little bit pregnant so I can drink it. It’s alright. I’m the one buying it.

Instead of further arguing about it, I get my manager, who ends up telling the couple the exact same thing, who huff and leave their cart full of stuff, there, stating they would never be coming back again. I saw them the week after that.

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