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Our theater just got caramel and cheddar popcorn as our ‘gourmet’ popcorn. You can get a single flavor or mixed. It should also be noted that employees are allowed to have a little cup to eat during down times when we aren’t as busy. An older lady bought a single caramel popcorn tub. It should also be noted that she is British, as it comes up later in the story. She comes back about twenty minutes into her movie:
Lady: This caramel corn is rock hard. It hurts my teeth.
My coworker and I have both eaten the caramel corn. It is fresh, and there is no problem with it. It should also be noted that she has eaten about 40 percent of the small tub.
Me: Well my coworker and I have both eaten eat and find it to be acceptable.
Lady: Well its breaking my teeth. Throw it away I don’t want it.
She then heads straight to our manager at guest service. After talking to him he walks over.
Lady: Well, he thinks I’m right. (Very snotty to me)
My manager says nothing about that while doing the whole process. After that he walks back to guest service and my coworker went away, the lady looks right at me
Lady: Just to let you know, in England, the costumer is always right.
I have worked in a fast food restaurant for over a year in highschool. I was working at this theater for about 4 months. (Summer job between college). I have dealt with the stupidest and most idiotic people you could ever imagine. But not one of them has ever made me want to cuss them out until I met this witch. I am a calm person. But that lady had every bit of self righteous on her and I was so close to snapping. I didn’t. But I wish I did.
Me: (Fake big smiling) Oh, Ok.
I ended up having to walk in the back and made my coworker take the next three guest cause I felt like I was going to snap at someone who didn’t deserve it. I stayed calm but salty about the whole experience. Later on our manager walks over to see how we were, and I brought it up.
Me: You shouldn’t have given her that refund on the popcorn.
Manager: Oh I know. The majority of the refunds and resale tickets are stupid and I hate giving them out. But if I don’t they’ll contact corporate, and we’ll get an angry email and have to refund no matter what. I’m just getting rid of the middle man.
I hate that we have to work in a society that encourages bratty and temper tantrum behavior to get free things. It disgusts me. How I wished I snapped back. I would have told her ‘Well in America, we prefer our guests with a bit of common sense. But we aren’t always lucky.’