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I work in a call center for a very popular cable company. It is Monday and I arrive at my usual time for shift and take my first call.

ME: Thank you for calling ____ my name is Rachel how may I help you?

CALLER: Is this ___ bank?

ME: No sir you may want to check the number you are dialing and try again. Again, my name is ____ and this is _____.

CALLER: I don’t need to check the number I know what the hell number I ****ing dialed!

The caller eventually hung up. But this is typical behavior of adults acting like children when calling a call center. I was shocked that he was so appalled at the idea he miss dialed. Did he really mean to suggest that it was more likely that I woke up Monday morning forgot the name of the company I had been working for – drove to the wrong building – passed all security screening and protocol – sat at the wrong desk in the wrong building of the wrong company but somehow was able to log on to the computer applications and began taking calls all erroneously on MY part? #IhateMondays