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Background: Half the city is closed cuz of the pride parade so a lot of our pickup stops had to be moved/switched around. We ofc told everyone who bought tickets at the register, hotels tell their guests, etc. but unfortunately anyone who booked tickets more than a week ago online and didn’t register their email we have no way to contact. A family comes in, suuuper mad that they weren’t told beforehand (they missed the bus but taking the next one is no problem, it wasn’t an airport bus so no time constraint).
Me: Your hotel didn’t inform you?
Them: We’re staying at an apartment, not a hotel.
Me: Well, then I’m sorry but we had no way of contacting you
Them: You had all our information! You should have come find us and let us know.
Me: You want us to walk to all the stops to check if people are waiting there? There’s over a dozen stops! We don’t have the manpower for that.
Them: *in a huff* Well you have terrible service!

Later, as I’m collecting tickets on the bus:
Them: So are you going to the stops now to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else?
Me: Like I said, we don’t have the manpower for that. Most people should have been informed by now.
Them *in a very condescending tone*: All it would take is like one person on a bicycle.
Me: It takes at least 15 minutes to drive to some of those stops. Even if we had the manpower that wouldn’t be an option. We do have pickup cars driving to all the open stops constantly because of the switches.
Them: So you’re just going to leave people stranded?! You’r service is awful!