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(The clothing store I worked for caught on fire and the sprinkler system while put out the fire flooded 90% of the store. Our floors are ruined, our merchandise is ruined, the registers have no power or cash, and the store is closed. We have a salvage team come to get the merchandise and require supervision hence why I am working. Also, with as we have clear doors I have posted signs up on the door apologizing that we closed and letting customers know where the nearest store is. A customer starts pounding on the door and shouting)

Customer (through the door): Excuse me! Excuse me! I want to make a return!
Me: I’m sorry Ma’am due we are closed while our store is being repaired.
Customer: I don’t want to buy anything, can’t you just do it for me?
Me: I’m sorry. Our computers are not working and our registers have no funds. If you go to (mall about 10 minutes away) they can process that return for you.
Customer: Well you are no help! I’m calling corporate to complain!
Me: I’m sorry you feel the need to do that. (Turns and walks away from door)
Customer: (angrily stomps away)

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