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(I’m cashing out these two women at the chocolate store I work in. One of them, Woman #2, kept complaining about the price acting as if I owned the store and could offer her a deal as some people are not aware we are a hundred year old franchise, not to mention I’m clearly a student. The other woman, Woman #1, is embarrassed by her friend’s behaviour and attitude toward me but says nothing. I over hear them talking about needing change for the bus as I scan their items but she doesn’t mention anything as I give her change in bills, figuring maybe she was getting lunch and will get change that way. As she’s cashing out Woman #2 walks away briefly. I close the till then she remembers)
Woman #1: Oh! Miss, is it possible to change this five for two toonies and a lonnie?
Me: oh I’m sorry, I can’t open the till after it’s closed.
Woman #2: What’s happening?
Woman #1: She can’t give us change. She can’t open the till.
Woman #2: OH YES SHE CAN!
Woman #1: [Name] we can go somewhere else! Don’t worry about it!
Woman #2: She can just open the till!
Woman #1: It’s fine! Come on, let’s go.
(They leave while Woman #2 is giving me a dirty look on the way out)