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My colleague is on the till serving a woman.

Colleague: Hello, would you like a bag?

Woman: I’m on holiday, so yes.

Colleague: Would you like a 5p bag or 10p bag?

Woman: What’s the difference?

Colleague: The 5p bag is our standard one (large retailers in the UK have charged for carrier bags for several years) and the 10p bag is our Bag for Life.

Woman: I’m on holiday, I don’t need a Bag for Life, I need a Bag for Now.

My colleague continues serving the woman, who mentions a few more times that she is “on holiday”. At the end…

Colleague: Bye, enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Woman: I’m not on holiday! My mother is very ill and how dare you be so insensitive! (storms off)

Colleague: (genuinely stunned) Um, bye?

Nope, no-one else could understand it either!