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Working at a major retail store where we sell extended warranties. A customer request for a 3 yr plan and you get a additional item that also gives you 3yrs of protection for free. When the free item is rung up it drops the price of the warranty to balance out the free item. The customer asks what the extra charge and I explain it was not an extra charge but instead it dropped the original price for the extended plan. I point it out on the screen to him and he again asks me the same question and tried to explain once again of which he then started raising his voice and would refuse to let me speak as I again for the THIRD time try to explain how was not paying more for anything. He got irate and had to hand the customer off to someone else. First off a word of advice to customers shopping. If you refuse to listen to what’s being told that isn’t our fault but yours because u refuse to understand what is being explained. If you DO NOTTT know what your talking about then all you do is look like a fool when you stand there arguing because your upset for making yourself look like the fool you are. Third, threatening not to buy the item because your upset affects the employee none so it makes no difference to me if you choose to purchase it or not because I’m not selling you the item personally, and third, if you threaten to not shop again at the store that’s one less unpleasant customer we gotta deal with and your measly 20 dollar purchase will be made up with the next customer that is going to spend big dollars in the store. I think every person that has never worked in retail or waiting tables should be forced to do it for one day and deal with the same kind of customers they are and let them get a taste of their own medicine and see how much we deal with rude customers. One last thing, this customer has the nerve to bring attention to himself when he had the biggest crap stain in the back of his shorts. Please don’t crap your pants before coming into a retail store starting problems.

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