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(This happened in 2007 when I was 16. I was at my first job, a certain fast food place who is represented by a clown. Next to our establisment, but in a different parking lot all together is a certain other fast food place that ends in Bell. I never had a bad customer or even a weird one until the day they stuck me on drive-thru for the first time. It was around 9pm on Friday and I was getting into the swing of taking orders and also helping with prep every now and then. A man pulled up to the box to order and I go to answer him in my usual happy tone.)

Me: “Hello, Sir. How may I take your order?”

Customer: “Yeah… How much are your tacos? I do not see them on the menu…”

Me: *Gets a look of confusion as I wonder how he got to us and bypassed the other place, also the man appears to be neither on something nor drunk* “Uh, sir, you do know that this is [burger place], right?”

Customer: “Yeah, but how much are your tacos?”

Me: *I see my manager looking at me just as confused as he had put on a headset to see what was taking so long* “Sir, we do not make tacos. We make burgers here.”

Customer: *Completely serious* “But… But I got them here…”

Me: “Sir. I believe you want next door. This is [Burger place], you want [Taco place].”

(As we had no customers in front of him at that time he drove past the window. Still saying he was sure he got tacos from us. We looked out our front windows as he drove to the street and drove away, not even in the right direction for his desired tacos. This encounter left me puzzled for the rest of the evening about how he completely skipped over the other place and went to our restaurant which had the signature arches in front. My boss then came up to me and jokingly asked if he could order a taco.)