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We have three coworkers (#1,2, and 3) in my store who are quitting and, therefore, don’t really care about their jobs.

Customer: Do you guys have sunscreen?

Coworker #1: We only have SPF 15.

Customer: SPF 15 does nothing! Doctors recommend 35 and up!

Coworker: You can go to *store across the park*

Customer: Can I speak with your manager.

Coworker #1: If you can find her *leaves cash to go talk to coworker #2, and 3)

I run over even though I’m not the manager to defuse the situation

Me: I can actually go to *store next door* and get you some!

I run over, fill out a transfer form, and bring the customer SPF 50. She seemed really happy and paid.

My store got a customer complaint the next day because, the customer claimed, it took too long for someone to offer to go next door. Oh great! I understand that Coworker #1 should get a complaint but the whole store got lectured, because she didn’t single out one employee but the whole store, and now supervisors are always over our shoulder for good customer service.