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This happened about 10 years ago at the time I was a team manager in a credit card call centre. I was working the dreaded Sunday morning shift and was the most senior person on the floor. I get asked to take over a call at around 8AM from another team manager because the customer wants to speak to her manager, so this Customer has already spoken to an agent and their manager so im third in the chain. In the brief handover I get the other manager tells me that hes looking for a refund on a transaction.

Me: Hello sir your talking to ME. I have been told you have a problem with your card and are looking for a refund?

Customer: I cant believe I have to explain this all over again but I had a problem with your fraud detection stuff on Friday and it wouldn’t let me book a holiday (Vacation) that I was trying to do online.

Me: Okay let me have a look at the notes quickly. I can see the problems you were having on Friday and it seems that you rang in and spoke to the fraud department and they have cleared the block and the transaction should be able to be processed. Did the transaction go through twice? That can sometimes happen with the automated blocks but one will not actually be claimed and you will only be charged once.

Customer: No no no I haven’t done the transaction yet since the block was removed.

Me: (Slightly confused at this point) so how can I help today?

Customer: I went to book the holiday again this morning and its gone up by almost £1000, So I want you to stay on the line while I redo it and then for you to refund me the difference.

Me: sorry sir I wont be able to do that. We are not responsible for the prices of things you buy with the card and the block was cleared Friday so you could have done the transaction then and got the original price. I can offer you a £30 credit to your account for the time and trouble you have had.

Customer: This is all your fault though it was your **** fraud system that blocked it in the first place you should honour the original price.

We then proceed to have an polite argument for about 45 mins with me explaining why I wouldn’t give him the difference back repeatedly and him claiming it was all our fault his kids wouldn’t be having a holiday in the sun.

Me: (Finally getting bored of the argument) Can I ask a question sir? If the Holiday had gone down in price by £1000 would you be sending us a cheque for the difference?

Customer: Well **** you (and he slams his phone down)

The customer phoned back later to make a formal complaint against me. I got called into the senior managers office about a week later to listen to the call fortunately the manager just smiled and said try not to be a smartarse in the future. I looked up the customer later and the outcome of his complain was a £20 credit, less than what I had offered him on the call.

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