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(I used to work evenings doing data entry for a company. Most of the other employees worked regular hours and were gone by 5:00 p.m. or so. One night, a colleague’s phone started ringing at 6:30 p.m. I ignored it at first, but it kept ringing (we didn’t have voicemail in those days). I decided to answer it just so that it would stop ringing.)

Caller: FINALLY! I need to speak to (Colleague).
Me: I’m sorry – he’s not here right now. He’s left for the day.
Caller: What?? But I need to speak to him!
Me: I’m afraid that’s not possible.
Caller: This is unacceptable!
Me: Would you like to leave him a message?
Caller: Ugh, fine. Got a pen?
Me: Yup. Go ahead.

(He proceeded to talk for 15 minutes, no lie. I filled up three pages of 8.5×11 notepaper, front and back. That taught me to never answer someone else’s phone.)