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(At the call centre, we work on behalf of a large bank dealing with insurance products offered. To get through to us, you need to go through several menus to get to the correct department, whether it’s mobile phone, car or travel insurance. By the time you get through, and hear the greeting we give, it should be clear we are not the actual bank. Still, you get gems like this…)

Me: Thank you for calling *company*. Can I start by taking your sort code and account number?

Customer: *gives me details, but I’m unable to pull up his account*

Me: Sorry sir, I’m having problems locating you. I’ll just clarify the sort code and account number. It is *reads numbers back*?

Customer: (already sounding annoyed) Yes.

Me: Okay. I’ll try alternative methods. Can you please tell me your full name?

Customer: Tell me yours!

Me: Sorry, sir?

Customer: Why don’t you have my details there in front of you?

Me: I am trying to pull up your details for you using an alternative method. If you let me know your full name, I will be able to help you further.

Customer: But why don’t you have it there on your screen?

Me: The details you gave aren’t matching up to any account, so I need to find another way of finding you. Are you sure the sort code and account number are for *bank*? It should be a red and silver card for this particular account.

Customer: YES! I’ve got the *censored* card in front of me here!

Me: Okay. I am sorry for the inconvenience here. I will need extra details to find your account, since for some reason it is not showing on our systems. Can I please have either your post code or date of birth?

Customer: No, I’m not giving you any more details! You’re the bank, you should be able to tell ME who I am so I can get information on my *censored* account!

Me: Sir, we’re not actually the bank. We operate on behalf of the bank to help customer’s with their insurance products offered by *bank*.

Customer: You’re not the bank?! I don’t want to talk to you then!


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