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Scary Stereotypes

This was back sometime in 2012 I think. I had started my first day at the local movie theater. Of course, the manager had to pick the busiest day for me to start. I very popular movie was showing, so lots of people had shown up to see it. The lobby was packed, so I was pulled off of concessions to help an employee take tickets and direct everyone to their auditoriums. Among the confusion, I happened to notice a very large Native American woman (who also appeared to be wearing no bra) standing by concessions. I thought nothing of it as I leaned over to ask my coworker a question.

Me: I’ve never been in a theater when it was this packed. Is this really how bad
it gets, or is it just this movie?

Coworker#1: I’ve seen it get pretty packed, but yeah, this is kinda normal on big showtimes. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

Native Lady: Excuse me, are you talking s*** about me?

Me: *Sudden transformation to deer in headlights* N-no ma’am! I apologize if I made you think so.

(It occurred to me that, by the way she sounded, she was very drunk.)

Native lady: Think I’m stupid, eh? How about I come kick your a**.

Me: Ma’am, that’s not necessary, please.

[Coworker#1] stepped in and seemed to smooth things over, sending me back to concessions, as it had died down a bit. I spoke with the others before hearing a voice behind me, trying to get my attention. It was the Native American woman.

Native Lady: Hey, can I get a medium popcorn?

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t have access to the registers. If we come over here, I’m sure [Coworker#2] can help you out.

She apparently wasn’t listening. She repeated herself and mumbled a few things I couldn’t understand while trying to give me money. Thankfully, [Coworker#1] had seen this and sent for the manager, who stepped in this time. He sent me to the back, telling me that another employee was looking for me. I was able to take a breather until she was gone. I was informed later that she had been a frequent problem for the theater. She always came in drunk, she was always aggressive, and usually tried to get free popcorn by picking the large bags out of the trash outside the auditoriums. I was so glad when I left that place.