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(I am a personal shopper. Part of my job is to call customers and review their order. Sometimes, customers will have us pick up their prescriptions and put it with their online order. I ask the pharmacist about a prescription, and they say they don’t have one but they will call the customer to double check. I wait a few minutes before calling the customer to review the order.)
Customer: Oh, is this about the prescription? I know I forgot to call them and fill it.
Me: The pharmacist said she would call you about it.
Customer: Okay then. (Click.)
(I wait another five minutes, I grab the prescription, then I call the customer back to review the order. The customer is distracted during the call, and she mumbles a little bit. At the end of the call…)
Customer: Sorry, English isn’t my first language right now. I just got off the plane from (mumbles) and I’m super tired.