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I work at a small, local music store as a music lesson coordinator. Basically, this means I sign new students up for lessons, schedule them with their teachers, book and organize student events, etc. I’m also the only female working on the sales floor at this store, so I’m used to snide comments from older male customers. This happens as I’m cashing out one older male gentleman one day.

Me: So your total comes to (total).
Him: So, what do YOU do here? (A condescending question I’m faced with regularly from people who assume I’m just a cashier or some kind of receptionist.)
Me: I do sales, and I’m the lesson coordinator – I basically oversee the lesson program.
Him: For where?
Me: ….Here. This store.
Him: Oh. Right.

I’m not sure how he assumed I was suddenly talking about working at a different music store other than the one we were standing in, but at least he seemed to understand after I clarified… I think.

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