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(We have a couple of donation jars for a local MS charity out on the counters. One night, I have worked four closing shifts in a row, and am finishing up my fifth. It is less than an hour away from closing, and my filter is just about gone.)
Customer: *looking at the donation jar* You know, I really hate when my change purse gets so heavy. It really is frustrating to hear it jingling around all the time in my bag, I wish I had a place to just dump it!
(I have seen people do this exact thing about five times that day, and have had enough of their shit.)
Me: *not thinking, snarky tone* Well, you COULD be a decent human being, and donate that change to [charity]. Obviously, they want it more than you do.
(If looks could kill, I would have dropped dead on the spot. The customer makes a noise similar to a growl in the back of her throat, and I realize what I had just said.)
Me: *backpedalling* Just kidding, just kidding. Sorry, sorry, I was joking.
(She continued to glare daggers at me as she walked away. Suddenly, I realize that my general manager ad been standing behind me the whole time.)
Me: Oh, no, I’m so sorry! I really didn’t mean it, I’ve just had a long week, and…
GM: *starts laughing* [My Name], I love you. I’ve always wanted to yell at people like her, the stingy bitch. But I’m supposed to be in charge, and I really shouldn’t go around sassing customers. I should probably punish you, but let’s just not and say I did, ok?