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Working in retail, you’re bound to get quite a few customers with snippy or off attitudes. Normally I can brush it off with a smile, but there are a few select cases (such as the one I’m about to share with you) that literally make me want to take my name tag off, drop it to the floor, and leave without a second thought.

It was rather late in the day. We’re a corporate shoe store attached to a larger outlet mall that mandates everything be closed at 9 PM on the dot, though we stay open later if any customers are shopping past that point. 8:45 rolls around and a woman barges in, dragging her daughter (who was at most, 7 years old) by the wrist in behind her. The woman seemed friendly enough at first and asked kindly where the little girls section was. I pointed her in the right direction and continued tidying up the shelves to prepare for closing. Ten minutes later the woman calls me over and the conversation goes something like this:

Woman: Excuse me, I need you to ask you a few questions.

Me: (Not concerned as it happens often) Sure! What can I help you with?

Woman: What is the difference between Junior and Youth sizes in these Converse shoes?

Me: Not much, the boxes marked Junior are this specific style that caters to boys, though they are a unisex shoe.

Woman: Well I’m trying to find my son’s size and I don’t know which to get him because the sizing scale is different.

Me: They’re not actually different Ma’am, they’re just marked “Youth” differently. The numbers next to them are universal. What size is your son?

Woman: An 11.

Me: (trying to be helpful) Well we have a few in this style (holds up high tops, marked junior) and a few in that one (holds up low tops, marked youth). Is there a specific style that you’re looking for?

Woman: Those won’t fit his feet!! They’re different! And look too big! What size does the kids’ shoes start??

Me: (eye twitch) I assure you ma’am they’re the same sizes throughout, and kids’ sizes start at a 13 and decrease in numbers the bigger they are.

Woman: Well, how the hell is that possible?? You’re holding an 11 in your hand!

Me: (unsure of what she’s asking me and confused by her line of thinking) Uh, ma’am infants go up to 12 and kids’ shoes pick up at 13 and decrease ? (last I checked 11 was definitely less than 13)

Woman: What’s the difference!!!!

Me: Well, infants are usually marked ‘infant’ on the boxes and the sizes are smaller than kids’ sizes- (She cuts me off)

Woman: Well you obviously don’t know what you’re doing, you’re too stupid to understand what I’m asking and shouldn’t be helping me, (sarcastically) thanks for trying.

It was all I could do not to staple my name tag to her forehead and tell her to do my job if she was so damn smart. I can’t answer a question if you don’t know what you’re asking!!! Best part? She tried to tell my manager that I was incompetent and had no business working there! He knew that wasn’t true though, and politely informed me that I’m allowed to stand up for myself and that he’d gladly turn a blind eye next time.

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