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(I have just finished my training as a bank teller, and it is my third day helping customers. On top of that, because a neighboring branch of our bank had someone call out, I’m working in a different town that I’ve never worked before. I haven’t had time to get to know any of my customers yet, much less get to the point where I know them on sight.)

Customer: Hi, I just need to cash this check. *Slides check across counter.*

Me: Absolutely, sir. I’ll just need your ID and then I’ll be happy to complete the transaction for you.

Customer: *scoffs* Give me back my check. *reaches out and takes check angrily* You’d think with all the money I have in this bank you people would know me by now, I come in here twice a week! *doesn’t even wait for a response before walking away*

Me: *speechless, turn to my supervisor*

Supervisor: Yeah, he was a jerk, you’ll get used to that.

(I don’t know if he had forgotten his ID and maybe he wanted us to make the exception or what. The funny thing is, if he had asked us for help we would have been happy to find a way of verifying his identity without a drivers license. But instead of being polite he went from zero to jerk in under four seconds. I mean who thinks they can cash a check without showing some form of ID?)

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