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, | Unfiltered | January 6, 2021

(I’m stocking in an aisle with chargers for phones, when the woman next to me, with a ton of teenage kids, is asking them where the lightning cables are)

Me: (cheerfully) “ma’am, they’re right here”

Woman: (ignores me)

(I decide to go back to stocking, which pulled me to a different aisle. Then the kids set off a display item’s alarm. I grab my keys and rush back over to deactivate it.)

Woman: (to her kids:) “this is the only way we can call someone over to help haha!” (To me:) “where’s the lightning cables?”

Me: “yep, they’re right here (right in front of her. Funny thing is, when I tried to show them to her earlier, she was standing right in front of them and hadn’t moved spots since then to when they set off the alarm.)