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(I am working with a customer who had just ordered 2 sandwiches.)

Me: “Alright, what veggies would you like on your sandwich?”

Customer: “Everything on both.”

Me: *gesturing to the veggies* “All the veggies on both?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(At this point the customer turned around and walked away from the lineup, not uncommon for customers to do when they order all the veggies on both. I proceed to put lettuce on their sandwich first.)

Customer: *turning back* “Whoa… are you r*******?”

Me: *Confused* “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Why the hell are you putting lettuce on my sandwich?”

Me: “I thought you said you wanted everything on your sandwiches?”

Customer: “Yeah. Everything I say is on my sandwich.” *proceeds to continue muttering somewhat under breath* “How stupid do you gotta be?”

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