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(I’m the opening manager. When I get to the parking lot one of my associates comes up to tell me about a customer with a dog that had insisted he had a grooming appointment for 7:30 that morning. On that day we don’t open until 8, which she explained to him, and he left in a a huff. As we walk towards the building, she sees him pull up again. Our shifts don’t actually stay for another 20 minutes at this point, so when he rings the doorbell, I go out to deal with him.)

Me: Hello, sir, can I help you?

Customer *impatient*: Yes, I have a grooming appointment for 7:30 this morning.

Me: We actually don’t open until 8 today. Who was it that told you we were open at 7:30?

Customer: I have the confirmation right here!

(The customer gets his phone out and brings up his confirmation. He shows me the phone screen.)

Customer: See? 7:30am on [tomorrow’s date]!!

Me: … Sir, it’s [today’s date].

(The customer looks at his phone, back to me, then his phone again, and gasps.)

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