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(We have been receiving the same prank call every day for a little over a week. Some kids call up from a blocked number and ask for a “boneless pizza,” and start giggling. Usually I just hang up, but some of my coworkers have tried various things to make them stop. The last time they called was when a coworker answered.)
Pranksters: “Can I get a boneless pizza?”
Coworker: “Sure. What size did you want that?”
Pranksters: “…”
Coworker: “Hello? What size?”
Pranksters: “Do you know what a boneless pizza is?”
Coworker: “Yeah… a pizza without bones. What size?”
Pranksters: *click*
Me: (after she hangs up) “You should have said, ‘Of course. Don’t you?'”
Coworker: “Awww I didn’t think of that. We’ll just have to use it next time they call.”
(Unfortunately we never got to use it on them since they never called back.)