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I’m 17 when this takes place, I work in a very well known sandwich franchise that specializes in submarine sandwiches. It’s 9:28 and I’m finishing up closing procedures so I can go home since we close at 9:30. I have everything put away and cleaned, making sandwiches at this point is such an unbelievable hassle that I pretend I’m closed. Right as I’m about to clock out and lock the door three guys come in asking for 3 sandwiches. They asked me if I was still open (Technically I was) but I had to say no if I wanted to be home before ten a’clock, well they get really steamed that I won’t make sandwiches a literal minute before I can leave but they finally leave. The next day I’m talking to my coworker and he said he knew one of the guys and he complaind that I wouldn’t take 20 minutes out of my night to make sandwiches and my coworker asked how close it was and he said “9:29”. My coworker looked baffled and loudly replied “Well I wouldn’t have served you either!”