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Here is the follow up to the story about the key locked in the Mercedes that guy wanted me to open without touching the car.

Eventually he agreed to not bill me if only a small mark was left on the car in a place that no one could see. So against my better judgment I approached the car to start.

However he practically rested his head on my shoulder from behind to inspect what I was doing.

I finally told him to go stand behind my key hut while I opened his car and if I saw his head peak out I was going to close my shop and take my hour lunch.

As soon as he could no longer see me I ran around to the passenger side, opened the car and reached through the car and unlocked the driver’s door, relocked the passenger door and ran around to the driver’s side and opened that door. Then I told him to come out.

He then spend 15 minutes looking around the driver’s door for marks while I held his keys in the shop. He then came in and paid me the $5.00 for opening the door and left without getting a key made. I guess he did not like my attitude.

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