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I was working as a computer repair Tech and had a older mid-sixties lady bring in a computer with a failing hard drive for recovery. During the check-in I discuss what she was looking to recover and the only thing she was worried about was her pictures.

After 3 days of work on the machine I had recovered her entire photo folder. I called her to let her know that I had finished with what she had requested and it was available for her.
She asked me to check and verify that a couple of specific folders were recovered. Well we are not supposed to look at customers data if they ask us to verify something we can check it out. While on the phone with her I opened the folders that she referenced and instead of the family pictures and grandkids and pets and such that I was imagining it was a folder with hundreds of images of her and multiple other people engaged in hardcore BDSM. All of them above 50 and apparently enjoying it. I had a very hard time keeping a straight face or voice while I informed her that all of her pictures appeared to be intact and the everything was available for her to pick up. She was just cutting the old machine and I made sure I offered Data Destruction services to ensure her safety. That was the day I learned never to make assumptions.

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