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(It’s a busy day at work at the cafe. I’m a supervisor to the cashier’s, and there’s a huge line. I have a cashier closed sign on my station, unbeknownst to me. I decide to help check people out, because the lines are getting bad. Halfway through the rush, I’m helping a customer (#1) and as she’s handing me her money another customer (#2) steps out of line)

Customer #2 in a loud rude voice: “excuse me are you open?”

Me, wish cash in hand getting change for a customer:
*Blank stare* *looks at customer #1* *looks back at #2* “yeaaaaah….”

Customer #2 rudely: ” Cause there’s a closed sign on your station. I couldn’t tell”

I was really close to telling her she could step to the back of the two other, longer lines if she wanted to be so nitpicky.