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I’m currently at a well known shopping centre at lunchbreak to pick up some food, walking down one of the aisles. I had noticed an elderly male customer who being escorted around the shopping centre by a rather dutiful employee, assisting him with his groceries. As I’m browsing an aisle, I notice him walking towards me, and I am not wearing anything that looks like the shopping centre uniform.
Elderly customer: Excuse me, do you know where the wrapping foil is?
Me: Uhh… I’m really not sure, I don’t work here sorry.
Elderly customer: But you look like someone who would know!
At this point, the employee calls the man down from further down the aisle
Employee: Down here, sir! (She sounds very resigned at this point)
Elderly customer: See? You found it! Good on you. -smiling and walking off-
Me: -Speechless-