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(A friend and I are at the bar of a casino. It is a Saturday night just before midnight, and it is packed. All of the staff and bartenders are being incredibly efficient and working as fast as they can. My friend and I are waiting at the bar, another woman is waiting next to us, and yet another woman next to her is already being waited on. The bartender knows how busy it is and apologizes to the woman he’s waiting on.)

Bartender: I’m sorry for the wait, ma’am.

Woman #1: It’s no problem. Take your time.

Woman #2: Oh, he is! Believe me.

(She looks to my friend and I as if we are going to laugh with her. We give her weak smiles but nothing more, and she turns away. My friend and I share a look. The bartender is doing the best he can, and there’s no need for her sass. He finishes the first woman’s order and goes to the second woman.)

Woman #2: Yeah, a vodka, two rum and cokes, a whiskey, and a vodka red bull.

(Says the woman who complained about orders taking long!)