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Our malls are limiting the number of people allowed inside for health reasons. I get a call from a customer telling us we forgot to take off the security tags from their jacket. We offer to take the jacket inside, take it off, and bring it back to them so they don’t have to wait in line.

My associate goes out to meet them. A few minutes later I get a phone call from the customer. On the phone call I can hear them yelling at security to let them in.

I calmly explain that we never said they could skip the line and they hung up.

My associate returns and said they literally just walked away without saying anything to her. We shrug it off and go back to work when the customer shows up – waaaay too fast for them to have been let in via the line.

She wants to return the jacket “for her troubles” and I’m the lucky duck who has to tell her it’s been too long for a return. Who waits to waits to get a security tag off a jacket anyways?

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