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I am a tourist surviving on less than three hours of sleep because of an early morning flight plus I’ve been walking around all day. Despite rehearsing the order in my head before hand (since they seem rushed) and French being my first language, this still happens:

Barista: Hello, what can I get you?
Me: Hi! I’d like a grande cold infusion double double using cream.
Barista: *Gives me an inquisitive look*
I’m surprised but guess maybe my accent made it hard to understand the expression.
Me: Oh hum, double double; two milk two creams.
Me; Uhhh two milk two creams. Two milk two creams.
Me: No! *pause* two creams two sugars… jeez!
Barista: *trying not to smile too hard* Is that all?
Me: Yes, thank you!
At least I gave the staff and myself a chuckle!

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