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This is a story my grandmother told about a trip her and my grandfather took about 30-40 years ago. They decided to drive cross country on vacation and stop to see sights along the way, basically a cross country road trip. They stopped in Oklahoma around noon and decided to spend the night at a hotel chain since they’d been driving since early morning. They went into the hotel and asked if they had any rooms and were told there wasn’t any avaliable. They got a book of local hotels to call around to and went across the street to get some food and find a hotel. My grandpa called the same hotel they had just left and booked a room for the night. My grandparents went back to the hotel to check in.

Hotel employee: (upon seeing them walk back in) I’m sorry but we still don’t have any rooms.

My grandmother: oh yes you do, we just called and made a reservation. We’re here to check in.

She said the guy at the desk just looked at them wide eyed for a moment before checking them in. I guess the hotel didnt like walk in, even if they had rooms.