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I work at convenience store in a town by the sea in England. It’s quite nice, but the people however. Quite weird.

I was doing my shift as normal and this lady around her 50’s came in, her outfit include children clothes. She used a Dora the explorer shirt, it was too small for her so it looked like a crop top. She had up to the elbow fingerless lace gloves. Bandages on her legs (Fashion), and a weird rugged up purple skirt. All in all, she dressed really weird.

Back to the story, if you dress weird people will look at you. She came up to the counter, asked for what she wanted and then said:

(Customer): “I hate it that people look at me. Why does everyone look at me? I hate this town!”

Not knowing what to say, I kept quiet. I told her how much everything was. And she kept rambling while looking for her money. I just looked at her since she was talking to me.

(Customer):” Why can’t I just be me? Why does everyone judge me, I hate this so much. I’m going to harm myself”

(Me):” Please don’t do that. People don’t have any malicious intent when they look at you. It’s just curiousity when they see unusual things”

She was struggling to get her money at out, at this point she caught me looking at her

(Customer): “You’re looking at me too! Do you like seeing me struggle while I try to look for my money!? Stop looking at me!”

At this point she was in tears and sobbing uncontrollably. She stomped her foot, shouted something I couldn’t understand and ran out the shop.

She didn’t buy anything by the way.

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