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(I am another customer in the nail salon, which was a stereotypical Vietnamese-staffed nail salon. The only other customer in the salon is an elderly White lady who is being worked on in the chair next to me. She has a female manicurist, and I have a male one. They look roughly the same age, and while both Vietnamese, not particularly alike. I was chatting with my manicurist about It is relevant to note that I am also Asian American.)

Elderly customer: (to my manicurist, gesturing to her manicurist) Is this your daughter?

Male manicurist: Uh…No…? We are about the same age.

Elderly customer: Oh, really? You just look so much alike, I thought you must’ve been talking about your daughter here. And you look maybe 10, 15 years younger than he does!

Female manicurist: I’m actually 3 years older.

Elderly customer: Are you brother and sister?

Manicurists together: No.

(There is a long, awkward pause. You can almost see the wheels turning in the Elderly customer’s head. Finally, she says, almost triumphantly)

Elderly customer: Oh, she’s your wife!

(Cue dumbstruck looks all around. At this point, I couldn’t resist leaning over to the Elderly customer.)

Me: Just to head you off at the pass, I’m not related to any of these people.