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(I work at a gas station chain that offers its own brand of pizzas, which can be cooked by us at the store. However, we only cook our brand of pizzas, and we are not a delivery service and never were. This happens on an overnight shift at around 2AM, when its just me and one other employee working.)
Me: *picks up the ringing phone* This is [Gas Station].
Customer: Hey, do you guys sell pizzas?
Me: Yes, we do.
Customer: Do you still cook your pizzas at this hour?
Me: *thinking he’s going to ask us to cook a pizza so he can pick it up* Absolutely.
Customer: Would there be any chance you could deliver the pizza?
Me: *thinking I misheard* I’m sorry?
Customer: Do you deliver?
Me: I’m afraid we do not, we only cook pizzas in the store for pick-up.
Customer: *now whining* Come on. I’m in no condition to drive and I NEED a pizza.
Me: I’m not allowed to leave the store while on the clock.
Customer: What if I tipped you $50?
Me: No.
Customer: $100?
Me: Nope.
Customer: $200?
Me: Afraid not.
Customer: Do you have [brand of pizza I’ve never heard of before]?
Me: No, we only cook [gas station brand] pizzas.
Customer: *hangs up*
(I told my coworker about it not long after, and she thought it was hilarious.)