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I work the front desk at an assisted living home in Michigan. I am basically the point-of-contact for the rest of the staff and the one people go to for information. I am not, however, psychic.

Visitor: I need to talk to [Director]. Where is she?
Me: Was she not in her office? *glancing to her office window where the light is on*
Visitor: *rolls eyes* No. I just looked. She’s not there. Where is she?
Me: She’s probably helping around the building right now. Would you like to leave a note for her?
Visitor: *rude tone* No. I want you to tell me where she is so I can talk to her.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, I don’t know where she is right now.
Visitor: Well why not?! Ugh, FINE. *stomps out door*

Yeah, I could have helped her more, but rude bitches do not get my help. Especially not stupid ones who assume I’m psychic.